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datalent's community

thanks to our community based on the 4 following pillars, we can quickly connect companies 

Our WAW model best represents the heart of our start-up: a combination of sharing, technical skills and relationships where DATALENT encourages the human touch of each individual.

CLEVER Partnerships 

As communicating and sharing are core values of our DNA, we are constantly looking for key partners to make our service even more qualitative.


This is our conviction. Softs skills go hand in hand with technical skills during the recruitment process. This is why it is essential to allow our clients to get to know the candidates they are going to recruit better and to help them evolve to find their place in the current talent war.

trends articles

Through our technical publications, we want to involve you in improving your community. Thanks to you, our clients and candidates, we can feature articles on current topics and new trends. This allows us to share our knowledge and to take a critical look at the issues each company is facing.

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Valentin Rouma

The choice of my studies and my desire to start a business was based on several factors: adapting to the world's development, being creative and offering management that favours human development.

It is for these reasons that DATALENT operates today in an innovative and technological field that will revolutionize the modern world. Creativity is therefore put at the service of our start-up to offer our clients/candidates unique ways to collaborate around a community of enthusiasts. The human being is more than today the center of our strategy because of our soft skills approach, our WAW concept but also our way of feeding our audience.

I am proud to say that our start-up represents a mix of our respective values, creating a specialised, human-oriented and innovative recruitment company.

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